ValueTrust as an employer

The culture at ValueTrust is marked by cooperation and loyalty. We embody a performance oriented corporate culture in which every individual can pursue ambitious goals. We are a team which continuously works to increase the level of our performance in order to meet the highest standards.  In addition to being passionate about enterprise valuation and corporate finance, our employees have a broad range of project experience and excellent analytical and communication skills as well as a sense of responsibility.

Our approach

ValueTrust offers its clients solution-oriented advice and combines strict client focus and proven independence with a demand for the highest quality. ValueTrust generates long-term benefits for its clients through its dedicated financial experts and senior advisors with many years of project experience in the fields of value measurement, management and creation as well as in providing reliable advice in a partnership-like manner with a clear focus on practical solutions for clients which are solidly based in theory and case law.

Highest professional standards

In addition to professional qualifications, we also require our employees to have a professional attitude towards work, a high level of quality and a solid personality.

Trust and integrity are essential parts of our work, and we always give priority to the needs of our clients.  Open communication with our clients is extremely important to us, in order to jointly develop optimal and constructive solutions.  We accordingly set great value on our independence which enables us to provide first class advice to our clients without any conflicts of interests.