Thought Leadership

Application-oriented enterprise valuation and corporate finance advisory are continuously developing due to the productive tension between theory and practice. We actively participate in this process as practitioners and financial experts with an affinity for theory. In our daily practice, we are repeatedly confronted with challenges in crisis or stress situations for which client-oriented solutions need well-founded theoretical analysis. This often leads to new approaches for solutions that can be applied to other types of problems and lead to publications or studies.

We work very closely with universities such as presently the LMU Munich and the HHL Leipzig, and we are involved in professional associations such as DVFA, EACVA, CFA Society as well as the finexpert network of experts and the Munich M&A Forum. As a result of the increasing interest of Arab investors in expert know-how in the German speaking region, we are also active in Ghorfa, the official representative of all Arab chambers of commerce in the Federal Republic of Germany.

We involve our employees in the process of continuing the development of our organizational knowledge base by promoting training and membership in these professional associations so that the term THOUGHT LEADERSHIP has a broad institutional foundation and is not just a phrase.

Practice oriented research expresses itself currently in the first German study on a systematic analysis of takeover offers, delisting strategies and “total compensation” in the course of public takeovers with subsequent delisting planned for 2015 with the HHL Leipzig, Center for Corporate Transactions (CCT).  Hypotheses concerning “value optimal“ takeover strategies as well as economic rational behavior of hedge funds and active minority shareholders are supposed to be examined, and conclusions will be derived about capital market efficiency in Germany.